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Happy 2020

We are now accepting new members for our Online Ordering CSA.  If you're interested, email us or PM us on our Facebook page.

Shiloh Run Farm

Shiloh Run Farm in Harwinton, CT, strives for its goal of blending family and agricultural harmony. We do so by producing and providing hand-harvested goods, locally and sustainably produced, and actively practicing stewardship with our land and animals. Direct contact with our goods, plant and animal alike, defines just what Shiloh Run Farm wants to achieve in relationship to this Good Earth.

Our passion compels us to produce the best tasting vegetables, honey and dairy goat products we can. We trust that this is what makes our farm stand out.

Eating organically produced products ensures that not only will you be enjoying the best tasting food that exists, it will also be the healthiest.

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