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"Your Soap Is Too Pretty to Use!"

I'm sure you've been to a live concert, drinking in the energy from the band, the crowd, the thrill of hearing a favorite song played a whole new way. Your friends ask, "How was it?" And I know what you answered, because I've said it myself: "You had to be there!"

I am now and have always been a huge fan of transient art. Art with a life span, gone in a moment. I love making sand art at the beach. Live concerts, dance, sidewalk chalk art, and the literal Queen of Consumptive Art, pastry and cooking. It has just a moment to be loved and it’s gone. While it is there, it has to be appreciated fully and consumed at the height of its artistic presence. Take a picture of it, sure, but it is just a ghost of the true experience.

Museums are where we see mostly the corpses of art. They are time capsules of what used to be relevant and art.

Real art is meant to be immediately consumed, true food for the soul. If it just sits there, you miss the opportunity to become part of the artistic experience, that moment which is built into the design of transient art.

Artisan soap is an interactive art piece, designed to change, linger, and disappear. If you don’t use it, that part of the artistic experience is lost. You've denied yourself - and the artist! - the completion of that circle. Use the soap, please. That's why it exists. Return to the fragrance during the day, let it remind you. Bite your lip and sigh as the last of it slips down the drain. You've had the complete art experience. Then get another. Maybe a favorite, maybe something entirely new. It's your chance for complete, immersive art revery, and the artist will be forever thankful that you participated in their world.

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