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What's in the Fields This Week

As of this writing, we have the same things available as last week. Which means a limited amount of radishes and broccoli, but also beets, Swiss chard, both snap and snow peas, all the lettuce, however the leaf lettuce won't be around too much longer, Kale, spinach and many herbs. We are also close to getting some other crops harvested. I don't know if they'll be ready by Thursday, but check back later and see if you see anything of interest at Freshconn. A reminder that Freshconn closes the Thursday orders by Tuesday, so plan accordingly. You can place more than one order and a number of people take advantage of that fact. Remember we have free range chicken eggs, honey, Carolina Reaper Sauce, Sour Bread starter and Coffee beans as well.

The site is still not working 100% and I have to manually turn off items in which I run out. I will try to be diligent, but if I notice I am sold out after a person places an order, I'll have to remove the item and refund your payment for that item. I am hopeful these bugs will work themselves out very soon. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Otherwise enjoy the harvest and continue to eat healthy while eating the delicious bounty.

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