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As we approach July, our thoughts turn to vegetables that are staples through the summer months. This week we will be adding cucumbers.

People often get confused in the two basic types of cucumbers. Pictured above is a pickler cucumber. They are generally smaller and they get their name from the fact that these are traditionally used in the making of pickles. The other variety is referred to a slicing cucumber. These are longer and fatter and generally used in salads. As for me, I don't discriminate. When I'm out in the field, I will take a salt shaker and depending on my mood, I will eat either of these varieties with great joy.

As you know the drill by now, since they are just starting to come in, I do not have an endless supply, so this week it will be first come, first serve until I sell out. My beets and green beans are coming in strong now, so if you are planning a Fourth of July picnic, feel free to load up on these. The hot weather takes a toll on the spring vegetables, so I will have limited amounts of lettuce and peas this week. This is also the last week for scapes, so plan accordingly. All other crops, remain at the same levels.

As a reminder, please have your orders in by Monday night or very early Tuesday morning. Freshconn doesn't show me orders after that time. I need to have the orders by 48 hours before pickup so I can pick the exact amount of crops, eliminating waste and assuring freshness. We will continue to have our normal pickup time of Thursday from 10:00 to 1:00.

Enjoy the great summer weather,


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