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These Are The Good Old Days

With the summer crops hitting their peak, make sure you sit back and enjoy the fresh vegetables that are blessing us. It won't be too long when late autumn and winter arrive and the thought of having a fresh tomato or pepper will only be a distant memory.

Lunchbox peppers are a fairly new crop we've been growing. Last year, I couldn't keep up with the demands, so we tripled our plants. There's a good amount coming in now and that will only intensify in the coming weeks. These peppers are sweeter than the average bell pepper and can be used for snacking or for cooking. I particularly enjoy putting them with tomatoes, picklers and basil in a summer tossed salad.

Other than that, the larger tomatoes are coming in earnest and the new batch of green beans and beets are also lookin good. I'm currently roasting the green beans and beets on the grill.

Farm stand is still open for pickup on Thursday from 10:00 to 1:00.

Hope we get the forecasted rain this week,


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