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Summer Has Sprung

Last week I was talking about temperatures not getting above 45°, while today is Day 2 of our heat wave. Summer crops love this weather, but many spring vegetables begin to lose their will to thrive.

All in all, this is not atypical of June in New England. The best we can do is embrace its fickle nature.

Remember any crop that is in low supply goes to the early birds that get their orders in first. Although I do have plenty of many crops, there are a few limited crops which I will definitely run out of this week.

Pick up time this week will remain, Thursday from 4:00 to 6:30. This will be the last week for these hours, but more on that later.

This week's offerings:

Arugula $3.00

Spinach $3.00 Leaf Lettuce $3.50 Red Romaine lettuce $3.00 Mini Red Bibb lettuce $2.50 Snow peas $3.00 Snap peas $3.00

Radishes $2.00 Beets $3.50 (limited) Broccoli $3.00 (limited) Napa Cabbage (limited) $3.50 Kale $3.50 Rainbow Chard $3.00 Zucchini $1.50 Oregano $2.00 Thyme $2.00 Lemon Balm $2.00 Eggs $5.00 Honey $10.00 Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce $8.00 We have the complete listing of Goat Milk soap found here: Embrace the chill, Mark

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