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So, It's Raining Again

This is the most unusual July. In my life, I can't remember a July where I prayed for no rain, but here we are.

What does that mean for produce? Most importantly, it slows down the summer crops and accelerates disease and weeds. It's not all bad news, for it does accelerate some crop growth and prolongs the longevity of others. As always, we can't control weather only adapt to it.

This week's list looks a lot similar than last week, therefore we do have good variety.

Savoy cabbage $3.50 a head (limited)

Carrots $3.00 bunch

Pickler Cucumbers 1 order is 2 for $1

Golden Beets. $3.50 bunch

Green Beans. $3 bag

Medium Green Bell Pepper. $1.25

Large Green Bell Pepper $1.50

Red Beets $3.50 bunch

Kale $3.50 bunch

Rainbow Chard $3.00 bunch

Zucchini $1.50 each

Yellow Summer Squash $1.50 each

Basil $2.00 bunch

Dill $2.00 bunch

Oregano $2.00 bunch

Thyme $2.00 bunch

Lemon Balm $2.00 bunch

Eggs $5.00 dozen

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce $8.00

We have the complete listing of Goat Milk soap found here:

Pick up as usual is Thursday from 11:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Be Free,


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