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Pecks of Peppers

As we hit summer in full stride this week, there's a good variety of produce available at Shiloh Run Farm. I'm not going to list all the available vegetables this week, but I will say we will be adding green bell peppers and basil to our ever growing list.

Peppers grown here at Shiloh Run Farm, as well as other local organic farms in the area, have a special taste that you won't find in stores. Most grocery stores get peppers that are large and watery in order to sell them at a higher price, since they usually sell them per pound. The result is a watered down taste that always seems lacking. Our peppers are nicely sized, but they do not have super thick watery walls, but instead have a taste that is full flavored. The basil is starting to come in and the dill is at maximum levels this week. We are going to be saying good bye to scapes, snow and snap peas by the end of this week, but we do have a new crop of radishes and romaine and bibb lettuce.

As a reminder, please order by Monday night. If you order after this time, the order gets put in for the following week and I can't access your order until the following Sunday.

Thank you for bringing back the egg and plastic cartons. They do help in the overall cost in the running of the farm.

As always, your orders will be available for pickup Thursday from 10:00 to 1:00.

Enjoy every minute of this beautiful summer weather,


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