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Opening Day

Like most of you saw in the email, we are opening this week and the Online Store is now updated.

I see some of you already tried ordering. Although I noticed that some things were ordered, I was just in test mode, so I'm surprised you were able to purchase anything. You might want to delete the old order from today and replace it with your new order now.

As for produce we will have the following available:

Leaf Lettuce

Bibb Head Lettuce



Rainbow Chard



Pak Choi

Please remember that all orders must be made 48 hours before pickup, which means to be on the safe side, you should have your orders in by Monday evening. Any order placed after this time is not seen by me until after Thursday.

We do have a good supply of chicken eggs and there will be a good number of different goat milk soaps available all throughout the year. We do have a limited amount of honey from last year, but I am hopeful a good June harvest will be available next month.

This week's pickup times will be from 4:00 to 6:30 on Thursday. For now, we will be having the green totes with your name on it. Simply have some bag to transfer your products from the tote and leave the empty tote and ice pack at the stand.

I am usually doing something at the farm during pickup times, so I won’t always see you, but feel free to stop and say hello to me and the goats on your visit.


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