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Nothing Sings Summer More Than Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant.

So with the arrival of the summer crop, comes the workload of harvesting and prepping of these vegetables. Therefore I will try to keep this newsletter short and to the point.

The cherry tomatoes are in full swing and should be for the foreseeable future. The larger tomatoes are starting to come in and will be in short supply this week and grow in quantity as the season progresses.

This year I am growing everybody's favorite hybrid tomatoes, Big Beef. Our traditional organically grown Big Beef, averages 8-12 oz are blemish-free red fruit and have a full flavor which are among the best hybrids available. Onto our heirlooms: Very few farmers grow heirlooms because they are not cost effective. You can have 16 foot high plants with only one fruit on it or the fruit is so ugly I can not sell it. But the fact remains nothing compares to the taste of the best heirlooms. I am growing my Quisenberry Brandwines. These are traditionally my favorite due to their explosive taste with every bite. I am growing another heirloom this year, Cherokee Purple. People have been singing their praises for years, but for one reason or another, I hadn't had a lot of success. This year, I will eventually have a strong supply. These have a great bold taste, that I am very satisfied with in every aspect.

I will speak later in detail of the two other new vegetables I will be putting on sale this week: Lunch Box peppers and Eggplant. Just a few will be available this week, with hopes of many more in upcoming weeks.

Thanks for all the kind words from many of you this week. I see many people never had a real cherry tomato experience before and I'm happy to be able to stimulate your tastebuds. Oh and never store your tomatoes in the fridge, If you need to keep them for longer periods, keep them in a cool location and place them upside down on a hard surface.

We will have normal pickup time of Thursday from 10:00 to 1:00.

Stay cool.


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