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Moving Into June and It's Ramping Up

As the weather is starting to cooperate, as much as it can in New England, the crops are growing and you'll be benefiting from this change in the weather.

A limited amount of broccoli and Shunkyo radishes will be available this week at a first come first serve basis. Also limited, but we do have a decent amount, are snap and snow peas, beets, spinach and Swiss chard. Lettuces and kale are doing well now and it's in the prime of its season. The herbs are looking real good as well.

As an aside, I took on only a few new members because I wanted to assure I would be able to provide the members with quality and variety of crops. This year has been challenging trying to keep up with demand. For a number of reasons, there seems to be a higher desire for a lot of crops. When I saw that happening, I replanted more of these vegetables, but it does take time, so be patient. I really do appreciate the kind words from many of you. I truly put my heart and soul into providing you the best organic vegetables I can, so it honestly feels good to know it is appreciated.

There have been some issues with Freshconn, but they are working out the bugs and hopefully will be flawless very soon.

Thanks for everything,


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