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Mid-August Bounty

The beautiful and tasty eggplant is now ready for harvest. We grow a variety called Dancer, not only because of its unique purple coloring, but also because many members enjoy its less seedy inside and smooth taste.

Please remember when ordering tomatoes, order them by the 1/4 pound starting with 1/2 a pound (refer to last week's newsletter), so I can determine how many I need to harvest for Thursday.

I also thank you for returning the cherry tomato containers and the egg cartons. It does help with the costs of the running the CSA.

We will survey the corn situation again on Tuesday. When I know how much I can harvest, I will send an email out on Tuesday. For those who replied to the email wanting corn and missed out last week, we will be given first shot at it this week. As a reminder, for the full flavor of the corn to shine, I recommend steaming the corn for around 5 minutes.

The list of offerings for the week:

Big Beef Tomato $3 a pound

Brandywine Tomatoes $4 a pound

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes $4 a pound

Cherry Tomatoes $3.50 a pint

Cherry Tomatoes $6.50 a quart

Large Eggplant $2.50 each

Medium Eggplant $2.00 each

Garlic $1.00 a head

Pickler Cucumbers 1 order is 2 for $1

Golden Beets. $3.50 bunch

Red Beets $3.50 bunch

Medium Green Bell Pepper. $1.25 each

Large Green Bell Pepper $1.50 each

Large Red Bell Pepper $1.75 each

Jalapeno .50 each

Kale $3.50 bunch

Rainbow Chard $3.00 bunch

Zucchini $1.50 each

Yellow Summer Squash $1.50 each

Basil $2.00 bunch

Dill $2.00 bunch

Oregano $2.00 bunch

Thyme $2.00 bunch

Eggs $5.00 dozen

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce $8.00

Also, we keep adding to the goat milk soap selection, so feel free to add these to your order if this is something that interests you. Goat Milk Soap

Sadly, this will be the last week for summer hours before we go back to a later in the afternoon pick up. For this week we will remain with a 11:00 o 2:00 pick up.

Be free,


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