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Leaving Spring in the Dust

Well it's hard to argue that Spring 2020 has been challenging to all of us in just about every way. Let's hope the Summer of 2020 will bring back some normalcy.

I will do my part in offering some new items this week. Our green bean crop is coming in nicely and we should have plenty of them available for awhile. These are the same variety that you loved the last few years. This variety, Maxibel, produces long thin beans that are loaded with flavor. Like many other vegetables, if you're not used to eating fresh green beans, you'll notice the difference for sure. Also this week, we will be adding carrots and dill.

The hot weather is definitely taking it's toll of cool weather crops as we will be harvesting less spinach and lettuce, but in weeks to come, you'll be blessed with many classic summer veggies.

Thanks for returning the plastic containers and egg cartons, it does help keep costs down. I am also told that Freshconn has worked out its issues and the online store should be a smooth process for both you and me.

We will be having our normal pick up time of Thursday from 10:00 to 1:00 this week. Enjoy the summer weather as much as humanly possible.


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