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In with the New, Out with the Old

As we hit summer, like clockwork, the spring vegetables are waning, while the summer vegetables start to come on to the scene.

We are on the tail end of the lettuce and spinach. We do have a decent amount, but I don't know if we can get another week. Since we had 3 days of colder weather, some of the crops I wanted to offer have to wait a week, but we do have a limited amount of zucchini. This variety (Desert) has a terrific flavor and it want's to be picked at 8 inches. That seems to be the optimal size for flavor, without needing to worry about seeds. So understand these will be smaller in size and the price will reflect that.

We are also introducing our hand-crafted farm made soap. This week we are offering Tea Tree Oil Soap, which has no artificial colors and cleans beautifully. They are cut with a blade and look pretty fancy. We also have lavender soap, which has a nice colorful swirl and cured in a designer mold.

The rest of the vegetables, herbs and items are the same as last week. Scapes are coming in strong this week, so get them while they last.

Sadly the online store is not 100% still and I will try to monitor the supply, but I may have to remove an item off your list if I sell out before the store knows it.

Enjoy this weeks great weather,


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