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Day Change This Week and New Offerings

I'm sending the newsletter out early, because of the big change for this week only.

We decided to take a few days off from the farm this week. The good news is that we will still be having pick up, but it will be WEDNESDAY this week.

I know some of you just skip to what's available, but I do hope you see the day change.

We do have pickler cucumbers coming in strong this week, so this is the first chance for some good true summertime tastiness. We also have SCAPES! For those who don't know, scapes are the flowering section of the garlic that people use for a substitute for garlic in dishes. They are a bit milder than garlic, but they have a great flavor. I know a few people that pickle them as well. Many wait all year for scapes, but remember, the season isn't long, so get these while you can.

Also, there's new scents and styles of soap available, please check the link below for new arrivals.

Pickup time will be from 3:00 to 5:30 this Wednesday. If that time doesn't work for you, let me know.

This week's offerings:

Pickler Cucumbers 1 order is 2 for $1

Scapes $2 a bunch

Red Romaine lettuce $3.00

Mini Red Bibb lettuce $2.50

Snow peas $3.00

Snap peas $3.00

Radishes $2.00

Beets $3.50

Broccoli $3.00 (limited)

Napa Cabbage (limited) $3.50

Kale $3.50

Rainbow Chard $3.00

Zucchini $1.50

Oregano $2.00

Thyme $2.00

Lemon Balm $2.00

Eggs $5.00

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce $8.00

We have the complete listing of Goat Milk soap found here:

Be Free,


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