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Cherry Tomato Time

Let's get right down to business. Tomato season is here and it's time to celebrate. People who know me, understand that, yes, I'm a vegetable snob, but I take tomatoes to whole other level. I'm the guy that brings my own tomatoes into a restaurant. I am involved and have hosted tomato tasting contests and I recently received a refractometer to measure the Brix number, the level of sweetness in tomatoes.

This week we will start with cherry tomatoes. I will have a decent amount, but I expect to sell out this week, so put your order in early. There should be ample tomatoes available after this week. I use the term "cherry tomato" generically since I have grape tomatoes also in the mix. I'm referring to a cherry as any type of sweet small tomato. Let's take a look at our cherry tomato lineup for this year:

We have Valentine (Red grape), Black Cherry (Black Cherry) and Sun Gold (orange cherry). By far, these are my three favorite cherries, thus the reason they will always be in my containers through October. If you're sitting down to snack on these, I would advise starting off with the red Valentine to get you in the mood for real tasting tomatoes, follow with the rich boldness of a black cherry and for dessert, go for the sweetest tomato that exists, the orange Sun Gold. Which ever tomato you chose this summer, know that a lot time and thought went into each variety produced at the farm.

I have other tomatoes entering the mix later in the season, such as Rainbow and Tiger Pink. Next week we will be adding larger hybrid and heirloom tomatoes. More on those, later. I new crop of nice Japanese radishes are ripe for the harvest as well as the usual crops.

Pickup will be the same as before, Thursday from 10:00 to 1:00.

Enjoy the season,


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