Beginning the Season Early

Great to be making these blog posts again!

This year has been a challenge for everyone, even the weather has not been kind to us, but the good news is, we are opening early this year.

Even though we are somewhat limited this early in the year, we’ve had a lot of people chomping at the bit to start, so here we go.

As you know, many people enjoyed our online ordering last year, being able to choose what and how much you want, instead of being forced to take what a traditional CSA gives you.

Admittedly the system was a little clunky for you and us. I tried finding a way that would make all our lives easier and I had the pleasure to meet up with Brandon and Patrick from Freshconn. These guys are excellent people who work to connect small farmers with the local community. Visit them at

They’ve developed an excellent platform for ordering and starting off is a breeze. Look below for the instructions. Once you sign up, all you need to do is go to your phone or laptop, pop in what you want and that’s it. Initially you’ll have to setup the payment online (literally 3 minutes), but you’ll never need to worry about that again. And if you don’t want to drive to the farm, they provide delivery for only $9.99.

They are providing ice packs and totes for all your orders. We really feel this is going to be better for everyone, but feel free to let us know how you feel as we work out any kinks.

This week, we have limited amounts of most items, so it will be first come, first serve and that’s why I’m letting my loyal customers know in advance. Harvesting this week, we have bags of leaf lettuce, arugula and spinach. We also have kale, Swiss chard, as well as the following head lettuces: romaine, butterhead and bibb.

The cool weather has slowed the other veggies down some, but patience will bring lots of your old favorites, with some new items coming in as we progress through the year.

Enjoy, Mark

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