Add Catchy Title Here

Since I am on the road as of this newsletter, I don't have the creativity with coming up with a title or giving much details on what is being harvested.

If you look, we have a few new crops we will be harvesting. I am not convinced we will have enough green beans to sell this week, but I am putting them down as a limited crop. Oh and we have some new soaps available as well.

Also, I would like to go to summers hours this week. The last couple of years, people were fine with that, but if it doesn't fit your schedule, let me know. I'm thinking of changing pick up hours from 11-2 on Thursday. If that's an issue, let me know.

Here's what's available:

Pickler Cucumbers 1 order is 2 for $1

Golden Beets. $3.50 bunch

Green Beans. $3 a bag (limited)

Scapes $2 a bunch. (limited)

Red Romaine lettuce $3.00

Snow peas $3.00

Snap peas $3.00

Red Beets $3.50

Broccoli $3.00 (limited)

Napa Cabbage (limited) $3.50