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A Short Newsletter

My daughter's wedding ceremony and reception is today, so I'm posting the newsletter early and making it short and sweet.

The last batch of sweet corn is taking its time ripening, so I'll determine if i have enough to sell later this week and send out an email letting you know.

Pick up is Thursday from 4:00 - 6:30 and here's what's available.

Onions $2.50 a pound

Big Beef Tomato $3 a pound

Cherry Tomatoes $3.50 a pint

Cherry Tomatoes $6.50 a quart

Large Eggplant $2.50 each

Medium Eggplant $2.00 each

Pickler Cucumbers 1 order is 2 for $1

Red Beets $3.50 bunch

Snacking Peppers (Lunchbox) $4.00 quart

Medium Green Bell Pepper. $1.25 each

Large Green Bell Pepper $1.50 each

Medium Red Bell Pepper $1.50 each

Large Red Bell Pepper $1.75 each

Jalapeno .50 each

Kale $3.50 bunch

Rainbow Chard $3.00 bunch

Basil $2.00 bunch

Oregano $2.00 bunch

Thyme $2.00 bunch

Green Beans $3.50 a bag

Eggs $5.00 dozen

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce $8.00

Also, we keep adding to the goat milk soap selection, so feel free to add these to your order if this is something that interests you. Goat Milk Soap

Be Free,


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