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As we approach September, we start focusing on fall crops. We will have some crops all the way to the end, others will start to fade, some new crops come into play and some old friends will be making their return.

I told you last week when I focused on corn, that onions will be available too. Although I didn't make a big fuss about them, everyone seemed anxious to get them.

A note about onions: Like garlic, they need to cure properly in order to keep for long periods of time. If you used them, you might have noticed that the outside skin isn't yet firm. Over time, they will begin to harden up on the outside. Also we do grow white, red and yellow onions. Right now, we only harvested the red and white. When ordering onions, if you have a preference to color, let me know.

This is the list of available vegetables this week:




Pickler cucumbers

Slicing cucumbers Green Bell peppers

Red Bell peppers

Lunch Box peppers


White Cabbage

Yellow Squash

Swiss Chard



Slicing and Heirloom tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Spaghetti Squash


And we do have slightly different hours this week, so please take note.

Tuesday,Thursday and Friday online order pick up 3:30 - 6:00

Wednesday online and drive-up 4-6

Thursday drive-up 3:30-6:00

Saturday online and drive-up 12-3.

Thanks for enjoying our harvest,


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