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Adding Corn to the Mix

After coming to an agreement with the wildlife, the corn is starting to come in. As with other vegetables I grow, I do have opinions on corn. I've been growing sweet corn for over 30 years. Up until 3 years ago, I grew the same variety of corn, simply because nothing could beat the flavor. But three years ago, after several taste tests, I found a new favorite. Sadly the name isn't that catchy since Johnny's Seeds still hasn't changed the names that it originally gave new varieties. It's affectionately called SS3778R.

This variety is an sh2, or a supersweet. If you decide to order some, please follow these directions if you've never had a supersweet. I recommend steaming this corn for about 6 or 7 minutes and not put anything on it. If you need to add salt, go ahead, but you don't need butter.

Growing organic corn is not that easy, but satisfying when you get a crop. The later in the week, the more mature the corn, but I will be filling online orders this week. Right now, I will have to limit it to a maximum of 1/2 dozen per order.

I do have onions coming in, but they are not nearly as sexy as sweet corn, so I won't make a big thing of it this week. Other than that, we have the same vegetables as last week. Including:





Pickler cucumbers

Slicing cucumbers Green Bell peppers

Red Bell peppers

Lunch Box peppers



White Cabbage


Yellow Squash

Swiss Chard




Slicing and Heirloom tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Spaghetti Squash


And we do have slightly different hours this week, so please take note.

Tuesday online order pick up 3-6

Wednesday and Thursday online and drive up 4-6

Friday 3-6 online only

Saturday online and driver-up 12-3.

Thanks for enjoying our harvest,


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