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Prime Time Vegetables

As we approach the middle of August, the fields are ripe with plenty of goodness.

We now are packing the pints and quarts of cherry tomatoes with 5 to 6 varieties including, Sungold, Black Cherry, Valentine, Pink Tiger, Chocolate Pear and Rainbow. Different varieties of large tomatoes are coming in as well. Were are currently harvesting Brandywine, Marianna's Peace, Coração de boi, Carbon, Big Beef and Damsels. They all have their strengths and if you want to know specifics as to what to use with your favorite dish, don't hesitate to let me know.

The peppers are doing great as well, we have both the green and red bells coming in strong. The small super sweet peppers, Lunch Box (see photo above), were sold out last week, but we will be harvesting more this week. We do grow many different varieties of hot peppers, but since most people are not big fans of them, I suggest you just ask me what's available and we can have a talk. Everything from last week is still available this week as well.

The only bad news is the corn. The first batch was hit hard with animals and we lost practically everything. The good news is the second batch is looking strong and hopefully we can ward off the animal armies this time. Stay tuned next week for availability.

This will be the last week with summer hours. I'll have to tweak them a bit next week, but I'll post the details then. This week, online orders available for pickup Tuesday -Friday 3:00 - 6:00 and Saturday 12-3.

This weeks harvest includes:




Pickler cucumbers

Slicing cucumbers Green Bell peppers

Red Bell peppers

Lunch Box peppers



White Cabbage


Yellow Squash

Swiss Chard




Slicing and Heirloom tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Spaghetti Squash



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