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Eggplant and Red Peppers and..

August has arrived and with it some new crops are coming in. We do have this violet color eggplant called Dancer. It tastes as good as it looks. These have a mild taste and people last year were very happy with this selection. The red bell peppers are starting to come in strong as well. Also, we have lunchbox peppers and spaghetti squash just starting to come in. I will mention them in more detail next week, but lunchbox peppers are colorful ultra-sweet miniature peppers that I will sell in pint size and quart size containers.

I'm waiting for the corn to mature, but some raccoons decided to get an early sneak peak and destroyed some of the first batch. Hopefully I will have better news next week.

I am happy to hear that most of my regulars know not to put the tomatoes in the refrigerator. It really degrades the flavor and the texture. If you need them to keep a bit longer, put them in the basement or a cooler area of the house.

We will have the same hours as previous weeks. Online orders Tuesday-Friday 3:00- 6:00 and Saturday 12-3. The farm stand is open for drive up Wednesday and Thursday 3-6 and Saturday 12-3.

Have a great week,


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