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Getting To Know Your Vegetables

Before we get into a tomato discussion, let me briefly tell you that the eggplant is ready to be harvested. I'll highlight these next week, but I will tell you that these beauties are around 2 pounds and have a very pretty purple color.

Since many of you love tomatoes and they will be around for the next couple of months, I would like for you to take a quick tour of what we grow. Please assume that all of these tomatoes have great flavor. Each variety adds a little something different. Some people look for just sweetness, others look for tartness, others look for balance and others long for that "classic tomato taste", which is now absent in store bought tomatoes.

So here's the run down of what is currently available:

Our cherry tomatoes include:


Sweetest tomato on earth


Great Balance between Sweet and Tomato Flavor

Black Cherry

Best cherry tomato ever. Strong tomato flavor and good balance

Chocolate Pear

Nice Balance of everything

Our Regular Slicers include:

Big Beef

A classic tomato with a classic taste


Close to a Brandywine flavor, but smaller

Our Heirlooms include:


This Quisenberry variety has won many awards

Marianna's Peace

Winner of the 2017 Tomatopalooza Contest. Similar to Brandywine


Rich, complex flavors

Coração de Boi

Known for its sweetness and delicacy

There will be other tomatoes as the season progresses, but this should give you a working knowledge for you to know what to look for when you get to the stand.

This week at the stand we will have:



Pickler cucumbers

Slicing cucumbers Green Bell peppers

Red Bell peppers



White Cabbage


Yellow Squash

Swiss Chard




We will have the same hours as previous weeks.

Look forward to seeing you,

Mark M

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