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New Arrivals for the Week

As we work our way through June, thanks to our high tunnel, we start getting into the mid-summer vegetables.

New additions to this week include: green beans and broccoli. A little info on our green beans: This variety is called Maxibel. They are a French style, meaning they are long and slender. These beans are about 7 inches long and very tender. Also if you are not used to fresh organic, a bite into these vegetables burst with a flavor that you never knew existed. In fact, many of our new customers are shocked on how different our vegetables taste. Truth be told, there are three main reasons for this taste:

1. We select the seed, not based on production, but rather taste.

2. We harvest and put out the vegetables, most of the time, the same day.

3. Organic gardening focuses on soil quality, which in turns produces more flavor.

Here's the list of vegetables you can order or drive-up to get this week:

Green Beans


Snow Peas

Snap Peas



Red romaine


Baby Leaf lettuce


Swiss chard



Yellow summer squash


Napa Cabbage

Don't forget to look in the fridge for some of the vegetables that keep better in the cool.

Of course we always have our Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, raw honey, maple syrup, and chicken and duck eggs.

Our stand is open Thursday and Friday from 3:00 - 6:00

Saturday from 12:00 - 3:00.

You can always order online.

Look forward to seeing you soon,


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