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Happy July

As the heat reaches triple digits, the spring crops fade into oblivion.

The summer crop is starting to take hold and it looks to be a strong one. The beans are coming in hot and heavy now, so you'll be getting a significant amount of these for the next few weeks.

The two varieties you'll be receiving are the Maxibel (the long slender French style bean) and Goldilocks (standard yellow bean). If you have a discriminating pallet, you can taste the difference between the two, but for most people, the texture is what separates them.

The cucumbers are also starting to come in. We grow both the long traditional cucumber and the short pickling cucumber. Although I like the taste of the picklers more, some of the CSA members would rather the traditional cucumbers, so that's why we grow both styles. We have four different varieties of cucumbers this year and perhaps I will go in depth in the differences in a later post.

This week's share includes romaine, broccoli (full share only), kale, Swiss chard, radicchio, cukes, zucchini, yellow squash, string beans, snap and snow peas, beets, napa cabbage, radishes, dill and scapes.

I will be available anytime from 3:00 to 6:30. If you need to pick your share up a little earlier, let me know.


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