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Bush Beans and Napa Cabbage

As we progress into the summer, the produce changes as well.

This week, the two main additions to your basket are bush beans and napa (Chinese) cabbage.

I'm sure you know what you can do with bush beans, so I'll focus on the napa cabbage. Napa cabbage is a mild variety of a white cabbage which has a delicate taste, but it's also versatile. I like making an old fashioned cole slaw with it, but it is also excellent in cooked dishes.

We will also be putting in your baskets Swiss chard, kale, butterhead lettuce, Bibb (full shares only), arugula, spinach, snap peas, snow peas, zucchini, yellow summer squash, radicchio, cucumbers, beets, dill and scapes. I'm not making a big thing about cucumbers yet, since you'll just be getting one, but once they start streaming in, I'll talk more at length about this wonderful vegetable.

For those of you who get a CSA basket of veggies and start to panic, we can help. I was listening to a podcast on what to do when you get your CSA basket. This 25 minute podcast is worth the time.

Also we are currently putting on a deck on our house. If you absoutely need to arrive before 4:00, please shoot a text or email so I can plan accordingly. Otherwise, if at all possible, when you know when you'll be stopping by, can you let us know when via text or email? Since I will be away from the barn, it would be helpful, for planning purposes, to know when you're coming in order for me to get your share ready.



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