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Adding some fun to your box

Sorry for the late post, but with Memorial Day and harvesting for tomorrow, it took awhile to write this blog.

It was great reconnecting with last year's CSA members as well with getting to know the new members.

We appreciated all the good words about the vegetables and hopefully we won't disappoint this week.

We are in lettuce season, so you will be getting some beautiful buttercrunch heads as well as miniature Bibb and red romaine. Also, we have a 7 lettuce leaf mix to enjoy this week. Rounding out the other crops in your box, we have, arugula, Swiss chard, radishes, kale, oregano, chives and pak choi.

Feel free to ask us for some recipes for anything you're not sure about, but some quick information about pak choi (or bak choy). This is the perfect Chinese cabbage that works well in any stir fry. As for the Swiss chard, you can do anything with that as you would spinach. In other words, you can eat it raw or saute it with oil and garlic, etc.

We're always looking for new recipes, so if you create something you're proud of, let us know.

So all of you tomorrow from 3:30 - 6:30.


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