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Going Out With a Bang

As you know tomorrow, October10th, is the last share of the year. I wanted to thank everyone for a great year. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your family, and I hope you enjoyed your visits to the farm. From selecting the best seeds for you up to the time of the harvest, I put everything into bringing you a quality product. There were bumps in the road, such as building a high tunnel, getting a well drilled, setting up irrigation and dealing with the weather and the pests, but overall I was pleased with what I was able to provide in your weekly shares.

Even though this is the last week, there are a few crops that will be coming in for the next few weeks. You can contact me to see what is available, and if you want to come up and harvest what you need, please take advantage of complimentary produce.

If you want to take your share home in your box, you can simply bring it back to me in the next few weeks. If you want to leave the box off tomorrow and take back your produce in bags that I will provide, that's fine too.

Now on to this week's share. I wanted to make sure you ended the CSA year with an amount of vegetables that will take you a bit more time than usual to finish off. Here's what you'll expect in your share tomorrow:

Sweet Corn

Cherry/Heirloom/Hybrid Tomatoes

Zucchini or Cukes

Red Peppers


Green Beans


Butternut Squash


Leaf Lettuce




Cayenne Peppers



I will have the pumpkins and gourds on my pickup truck. You may select whichever pumpkin fits your needs and take whichever gourds you would like to use as decorations.

I will have everything available for pickup later this afternoon 3:30 to 5:30 TODAY if that works for you. Otherwise, I will see you tomorrow from our normal time of 3:30 - 6:30.



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