The Best of Both Worlds

The transition from summer to fall crops bodes well for your shares this week. There will be a diverse assortment of veggies that I hope you will enjoy. We will be adding a new veggie as well as bringing back some old friends.

The new veggie is Delicata Squash. This winter squash, as the name suggests, has a delicate skin that really doesn't need to be peeled. You can prepare it similar to Butternut squash, but if you look at recipes, the required time to cook is less than your typical Butternut.

Making comebacks this week is Arugula (this variety has broad leaves and is my favorite arugula to date). Green Beans are also back this week and hopefully will be around for awhile.

The break down of your share looks like this:

Delicata Squash

Yellow Squash/Zucchini


Heirloom/Hybrid/Cherry tomatoes

Sweet Corn