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Muskmelon or Cantaloupe?

I hope you remember that we are doing our CSA pickup tomorrow. We went down to South Carolina to view the total eclipse yesterday. It was one of the more amazing sights I have ever witnessed. Sadly it took me over 17 hours to get back and before I try to get my first shuteye since Sunday, I just wanted to fill you in on your share.

Your share is very similar to last week.

Hybrid/Heirloom/Cherry Tomatoes

Regular and Pickling Cucumbers

Yellow Squash







Obviously Cantaloupe is new this week. They are very juicy and sweet. Here's a quick lesson on the differences between cantaloupe and muskmelon. First of all just about everyone, including farmers, interchange the terms often. Technically cantaloupe is a west coast melon with a ribbed outside whereas the muskmelon is an east coast melon that features deeper grooves. In any case you will be treated with one or two of these delicious melons.

See you tomorrow.

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