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Sweet Corn, Glorious Sweet Corn

It's always an exciting time of the year when sweet corn makes it debut. This week, we will start giving you some sweet corn in your share.

Sweet corn is one of my favorites to grow, harvest and eat. Admittedly, I am a corn snob. I will not eat corn that is not from my field, unless I get it from a friend or family member and I know the variety. In my opinion, corn from the supermarket is an embarrassment, but I also believe that Butter and Sugar sweet corn from a farm stand is not much better. Over the years, my friends, family and I have tried many different varieties. We've had many sweet corn tastings and I have settled on two varieties this season that I believe you will enjoy.

First here's a little education. Below is a list of different types of sweet corn:

1. “Normal Sugary” (su). Sugars convert to starch rapidly after picking. Old-fashioned corn flavor.

2. “Sugary Enhanced” (se). A four-gene trait that modifies the (su) or (sh2) gene. The result is increased tenderness and sweetness. Conversion of sugar to starch after picking is slowed.

3. “Synergistic” (syn). Each synergistic ear has 75% (se) kernels and 25% (sh2) kernels. The sweet taste blends (se) tenderness with (sh2) crispness. Allow kernels to get plump before picking.

4. “Shrunken 2” (sh2). This gene results in heightened sweetness and slowest conversion to starch after harvest. The abbreviation “sh2” refers to “shrunken,” the appearance of the seeds (dry kernels).

5. “SuperSeedWare®” (SSW). An improvement on Shrunken 2 (sh2) for better seed quality - larger, fuller kernels that germinate better when sown in cool, wet soils.

Butter and Sugar is an "su" and thus is low in sugar. These corns also convert sugar to starch immediately after picking.

We are growing an SSW variety and a sh2 varieties. The first few weeks of sweet corn will be a SSW affectionately called SS3778R from Johnny's seeds. The second variety you will be trying is an sh2 called "Gotta Have It" from Gurney's Seeds.

Please, before you desecrate the corn, don't use butter, for it isn't needed. I love salt on many of my vegetables, but I don't use it on my corn. Butter on our sweet corn is unforgivable, but I will find forgiveness if you use salt. Just a suggestion, try eating the corn without salt first.

Cooking corn improperly is also a way of ruining it's goodness. I personally put 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of water in a covered pot. Once the water starts to boil vigorously, add the corn, cover and steam for 7 minutes. I find this is the best way to retain it's taste and it's nutrition.

This week we also will be giving bell peppers. If you haven't had farm peppers before, I think the biggest difference in taste is that they have a stronger flavor. Store peppers are loaded with water to increase the weight thus increasing profit. Our peppers have a strong wonderful concentrated pepper taste.

This week you will be receiving in your share the following:

Sweet Corn (SS3778R)

Green Bell Peppers

Green Beans

Tomatoes (Hybrid, Heirloom and Cherry)

Cucumber (picklers and standard)







Yellow Squash

Happy Eating,


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