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The Heirloom Tomato

When observing people, the above diagram is not only humorous, but sadly mostly true. When growing heirloom tomatoes I find another accurate depiction:

If I were a smart man, I would only grow hybrid tomatoes. They are disease resistant, plentiful and uniform in appearance. With that said, I have no choice but to grow heirlooms as well. I really want you to experience a classic tomato taste.

Here's the problem; heirlooms are usually not pretty looking. One part might ripen earlier than another. Also, they crack easily, they are anything but uniform in appearance and some plants, that are 7 feet tall, might have only 3 or 4 tomatoes on the entire plant. Having said that, it's not summer to me unless a have a slab of a Brandywine tomato on my hamburger, BLT, grilled cheese sandwich or part of a Caprese salad.

I want you to have this experience as well, but it's a sacrifice of quantity. Because of the cooler weather last week, the tomatoes didn't ripen as quickly as usual, that said all of you will still be receiving New Girl, Defiant and the cherry and grape tomatoes. It looks like only the full share people will get an heirloom in this week's share. Hopefully this will be the last week this will happen. Along with the tomatoes you will be receiving:

Yellow Squash



Pickler Cucumbers



Green Beans




I asked earlier this year and didn't get much of a response, so I'll ask one more time. Let me know if you would like to get together for a harvest meal some time in August. I was going to smoke some ribs and make some side dishes. We could also have a tomato tasting. I was thinking of charging $10 per person to cover the cost of the meat and extra supplies. Let me know today or I'll assume this is just too busy of a month for every body.

I should have the shares available by noon today, so if you need to stop by early, email, text (860-987-2750) or FB message me so I can be around the barn.



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