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Looking Good

The recent weather has been very cooperative. The high tunnel and field crops are looking good. This week you can expect leaf and head lettuce, Chinese (Napa) cabbage, beets, kale, scapes, zucchini; yellow squash, snap peas, snow peas, oregano and broccoli.

I'm sure everyone has a favorite way to prepare broccoli. If you've never tried coating the broccoli with olive oil, salt and pepper and then grilling until soft, I would highly recommend it. Likewise with the zucchini, I like to cut in planks, liberally coat with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. I then grill until soft. With snow peas, obviously a stir fry is an excellent choice, but Liz makes the peas magical when she gets a chance to cook with them. Check out here.

During the summer, I most likely will be able to have the produce ready for you earlier in the afternoon. Shoot me an email or text me at 860-987-2750 and tell me a time that works better for you and I'll try my best to have it ready.

A number of you have gotten, eggs, goat cheese and honey from us this year. If you would like any of these products, please let me know ASAP, in order for us to save them for you. As a CSA member, you have first dibs on all the extra products from our farm.

Also, next Tuesday is July 4th, so we will need to change the pickup date. I could do either Monday the 3rd or Wednesday the 5th. Please let me know tomorrow either by email, text or in person which day works best for you.

One last thing. Sometime in early to mid August, I would like to have a Harvest dinner with you. God willing, the tomatoes will be in their prime and we would like to have you over to share in the bounty. Since I am also passionate about smoking meats, I was thinking of smoking some ribs and having a tomato tasting as well. I know in summer people's schedules are crazy, but if there is enough interest, I would like to invite you over. Please let me know your thoughts on this as well.

Thanks again,


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