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Summer has finally sprung

Now that the weather has been behaving, we are seeing the vegetables starting to grow again.

Tomorrow's basket includes the head and leaf lettuces, kale, radishes, Chinese (Napa) cabbage, scapes and goat cheese.

For those of you new to Chinese cabbage, it is a mild cabbage that can be eaten raw, made into a cole slaw or even used in a stir fry. This is a very popular and tasty variety which I hope you will enjoy.

If you don't know, scapes are the flowering stem from a garlic plant. You can use scapes in any dish that you would use for garlic cloves. It's a bit milder than the garlic clove, but it is very tasty. I've also enjoyed a scape pesto that I would highly recommend.

Check out our new sign we've just put up!

See you from 3:30 -6:30 tomorrow.


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