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First Basket Pickup

We wanted to remind you that the first basket will be available Tuesday May 30th. There are a couple of details we would like to make you aware of:

  • We will be available on Tuesday from 3:30 to 6:30 for pick up.If you cannot make it during this time, please email or text 860-987-2750 to make other arrangements.Also, let us know if you cannot make it at all during the week.We plan on donating any extra vegetables to Friends in Service to Humanity of Northwestern Connecticut.

  • With your first share/half share, you will be getting our handsome Shiloh Run Farm baskets.Please remember to bring them with you the each week so we may refill them with your share. From time to time we will also be giving you plastic containers for certain vegetables. Please bring those as back as well so we can fill these with more vegetables in the future.

  • Your share this week will include a bag of leaf lettuce, heads of lettuce, baby arugula, kale, radishes, and chives.You will also be getting an additional specialty farm creation item to thank you for joining our CSA.

  • Be sure to check out the FaceBook page for recipes featuring this week’s produce.

One more note on our vegetables. At the farm when we harvest your salad greens we prepare a "farm wash" technique. We wet your salad greens with cool water and then store them in our cooler for 24 hours. The greens are by no means dirty but they have also not been washed. Placing them in our cooler for 24 hours gives them a chance to dry and crisp. We do bag the greens for you most weeks and once you place the greens in your fridge they will crisp again. I recommend using a salad spinner to increase the life of your greens.

Other than that, we look forward to meeting you on Tuesday and hope you have a chance to meet our dogs Tuco and Phoebe, and perhaps go up and pet a goat or two.

Thank you for your patronage!


Shiloh Run Farm

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