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Welcome to May

Welcome! First of all, we want to thank you for being members of our CSA, and also to say that we are looking forward to getting to know you and your family during this time.

Most of the early and mid-season crops are planted, and thanks to our new high tunnel, we should be ahead of last year’s crops.

Weather is still king, but if all goes well, we would like to begin the season during the fourth week of May.

After looking at the responses from the survey, it looks like the best time for most people for pick up is Tuesday. That being said, we’re targeting May 23 for the opening date. If the weather isn’t cooperative, we may have to delay it a week, but we will keep you in the loop.

We will be updating the blog from the website on a (mostly!) weekly basis, along with Facebook notifications, but as many of you know this is a very busy time of the year. Suffice to say, I will get a message out to you as soon as possible if there is something to report.

There’s a lot happening on the farm at this time. As stated earlier we have a 30’ by 96’ high tunnel, a new well will be drilled in the upcoming weeks, four baby goats are running around the fields, two new beehives have been started, and goat milk and eventually goat cheese will be available to you or your friends and family during the CSA season.

We would like to thank you for being part of the CSA this season and we will do that by gifting a little extra in your CSA from time to time. Also, we would like to have a Harvest Dinner/Tomato Tasting event in August. We will have more on that at a later time.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me, Mark at 860-987-2750. You may also reach me via e-mail at or send us a message through our Shiloh Run Farm Facebook page.

Please think of us as part of your community, not just where you pick up your weekly vegetables. We will do whatever it takes to make this happen, and we look forward to a fantastic CSA season.

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