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About Shiloh Run Farm

Here on Shiloh Run Farm, we are committed to land stewardship based on sustainable agriculture, and to the distribution of high quality food. Our techniques reflect our commitment to protecting and improving the health of the earth and its inhabitants. Through the development of economic, educational, and cultural relationships, we strive to raise the social and ecological awareness of individuals regarding the production of their food.

Our hearts have always belonged to the land and the life that resides there. Here at Shiloh Run, we finally can bring our vision to fruition, through organic agriculture and homestead raising of dairy goats.

Both of us, Mark and Liz, have been dreaming of owning a farm for many years. With our adult children now each making their own way, we have taken the opportunity to make the dream a reality. As teachers, we knew it would be a risk, but when the right property came along, we just knew this is what we had worked so hard for, and we took the plunge.

We are proud to say we are stewards of the land, and our land use and animal husbandry practices reflect this philosophy. Because of this, we can provide vegetables and dairy products of the highest quality, safe and natural from our family to yours.

Part of our responsibilities with the farm extend to the community as well, and we are committed to making Shiloh Run farm a positive contributor to our local community. We also intend on using our skills in education to make the farm accessible to those who may want to explore this farming life, or even just the farm.


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