Meet the Girls

We are currently offering Noelle and Bridget for sale. Both have a great record for easy birth and manners on the milk stand, along with abundant milk production. Email us for more information.

Caprica & Roslin

These two lovely ladies joined us in May of 2016. They are from Stone Silo Farm from strong milking lines. As bottle babies, they have always been people-oriented and very sweet. Caprica is the buckskin with the striking colors and equally bright and animated personality. She is a lap goat, and the dwarf leader. Roslin is the cou clair. She has a soft demeanor and gentle spirit.


If there is a pluckier, more delightful goatie on the planet, I have not met her. Small for her age, Boomer makes up for it with her bigger-than-life personality. She is always thrilled to see you, and nothing makes her happier than going on a car ride or just hanging around her people. She will stand up to the bigger girls in the hope that there's a treat or freedom involved. She is also a consummate escape artist, although her goal is to find out where all the humans have gone.


Luna is our legacy baby from the Boomer/Tango breeding. Her stunning brother Finn was sold as a future herd sire. Her mom has the softest, most abundant udder, and her father is from an impressive milking lineage, so we have high hopes for this darling.

Noelle & Kimba

I was fortunate to acquire these two saanens from someone who needed to let them go. They are very people oriented, and would probably be happy as lap goats if they both didn't tip the scales at over #120! With the snow this winter, they've taken to frollicking on the rocks, standing on tip-toe to graze pine trees and leading the charge through the drifts.

Both of these girls had singles in 2017 as first fresheners and again in 2018, and are excellent on the milk stand. Noelle is a very doting mother, while Kimba is a bit more easy-going, yet loving mom.

Kimba is now living with her new family in Southbury,

but Noelle is still available.


This darling is my little hippie chick. She makes her own way in her own time. She adores being fawned over and will actively seek out being petted and scratched. She is very meek with the Saanens, although I wish I could say the same with the dwarfs!!  

She was a first freshener with twins in 2017, and is an excellent mother.


Meet the Boys

Husker is our newest addition to the stud paddock. Small and compact, he attempts to romance even the biggest girls. He is blue-eyed and giraffe polled, giving that much sought-after double whammy. He has a robust front and long neck, and I look forward to how he will mature over the next few years. Hopefully he will be able to reach a few of the does this year!


Tango was our resident stud, hailing from Busy B Farm in Vermont. He was plenty busy last winter, getting most of the girls in a family way. He couldn't have been sweeter! He comes from a line of strong milkers, and undoubtedly added to lovely genetics already in place here.

UPDATE:  Tango died this July, and left our farm with little warning. He was a gentle soul and is missed daily. We are keeping his daughter Luna as our Legacy Baby.


Chino (Cappucchino) is Husker's wingman and best buddy.