Goat Milk Soaps

Goat milk soaps are produced right here on the farm using the milk from our very own goats! To see who's been generously providing the milk for the soaps, check out Noelle, Trinity and Boomer on the Goats page.

We use all food grade/cosmetic grade ingredients in our soaps, from olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil, lye, goat milk, to micas and fragrances.

Below is the current inventory of soaps available for purchase. If you are interested in buying soaps, please contact Liz. I can arrange for order pick-up. I can ship within the contiguous USA. Contact me for specifics on this. 

CHECK BACK WEEKLY! I add new soaps as they become available.


SHOWER/WEDDING FAVORS! Also, if you are interested in buying a whole loaf (10 bars plus end pieces, or cut as you wish) to your specs, please let me know. I would be delighted to create the perfect soap selection for you. I can work with you on the perfect soap design for shower and wedding favors.

Jasmine Confetti is made from Essential oils of jasmine to bring you right into the cool summer mountains. $8.00

An extra large bar with a delicate blend of citrus essential oils. Never overwhelming and as lovely as a citrus rainbow. $9.00

The nostalgic scent of pipe tobacco with a touch of sweet honey. Just the right handful of a bar. $6.00 

For the rock n roller in your life! Smells like a well worn leather jacket, or the interior of your favorite wheels. $6.00

Dad's Jacket is a fragrance walk down memory lane. Whiffs of leather, tobacco and Bay Rum and a hint of coffee. $6.00

A gorgeous essential rose oil with the luxury of a Himalayan salt bath. Fells divine on the skin, making it smooth and feeling like it was treated with love. $8.00

Made with fresh aloe and essential eucalyptus, this one luxuriates your senses. It hints of sage and a walk on a beach. $8.00

Sweet delectable cotton candy essence with hints of jasmine and musk. $8.00

All the mints! Spearmint, wintergreen, peppermint, it's all here to awaken and delight your senses. Made with essential oils. $8.00

A lavishly lush blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine. Captures the fragrance of a warm summer day wrapped in a dream. $8.00

Pure essential oils of lemon grass, fresh and citrusy. This soap has just the tiniest bit of oatmeal for a light invigorating scrub. The fragrance will linger and refresh all day. Perfect for when you just want your hands to smell amazing and clean. $8.00

Bergamot & Honey comprised of top notes of strawberry, bergamot, and tropical passionflower. These notes mingle with sweet honey, almond, and rose geranium as the middle notes. Resinous olibanum and aromatic balsams blend together to create the base notes in this delicious smelling fragrance blend. $8.00

Pure fragrance of fresh lavender sends you into the heart of summer. This Palm-sized cup is just right for a guest bath, fun gift, or for your own special moment. Made with essential oils. $5.00

Pure essential oils of lavender wrapped in pretty stripes to brighten all of your senses! This is the perfect addition to up your bathroom game, and make you one Happy Hippie at the same time. $8.00

Sexy Beast is earthy and masculine with robust overtones of pachouli and cedar. This is a large bar for those bigger hands and longer lasting. $9.00

No thank you to colors and fragrances? Your soap can be as nekkid as you are! This is a long lasting bar with lots of wonderful suds. $8.00

A wonderful way to save your soap from ending down the drain while enjoying a soft cotton scrubby at the same time. The kit includes 4 ounces of soap scraps from random bars, so an exciting opportunity to try something new. $9.00


A delicate mix of pine, eucalyptus and orange, like the wreath on your door. Keep it around from the day after Thanksgiving to the end of January! $4.00


Just the perfect blend of wintergreen and spearmint! The cold never bothered you anyway. $4.00


Like laundry on a summer day. Made with activated charcoal, as well! $6.00