Goat Milk Soaps

Goat milk soaps are produced right here on the farm using the milk from our very own goats! To see who's been generously providing the milk for the soaps, check out Noelle, Trinity and Boomer on the Goats page.

We use all food grade/cosmetic grade ingredients in our soaps, from olive oil, coconut oil and canola oil, lye, goat milk, to micas and fragrances.

Below is the current inventory of soaps available for purchase. If you are interested in buying soaps, please contact Liz. I can arrange for order pick-up. I can ship within the contiguous USA. Contact me for specifics on this. 

CHECK BACK WEEKLY! I add new soaps as they become available.


SHOWER/WEDDING FAVORS! Also, if you are interested in buying a whole loaf (10 bars plus end pieces, or cut as you wish) to your specs, please let me know. I would be delighted to create the perfect soap selection for you. I can work with you on the perfect soap design for shower and wedding favors.


A delicate mix of pine, eucalyptus and orange, like the wreath on your door. Keep it around from the day after Thanksgiving to the end of January! $4.00


Just the perfect blend of wintergreen and spearmint! The cold never bothered you anyway. $4.00


Like laundry on a summer day. Made with activated charcoal, as well! $6.00


Lemon, orange and lime so refreshing! The larger size just makes the experience last a bit longer, and brings you back to summer when you need it most. $8.00

Mostly lemon and orange with a hint of lime, but such a lovely bar for the smaller moments, smooth and scintillating. $5.00

A wonderfully summery fragrance of essential jasmine, it will remind you of walking under a bough of fresh flowers after a summer rain. $7.00

The Bay Rum scent is a light aroma of exotic Caribbean spices, Jamaican rum and West Indies bay leaf. It is distinctly sweet and spicy with notes of wood, though it is never overpowering. $6.00

Dad's Jacket smells of all the good dad memories. With hints of leather, bay rum and sweet tobacco, the perfect choice for any man. $6.00

Think Harley-Davidson or just the best leather chair. The fragrance of Leather is warm and makes you feel grounded. $6.00

Available but not currently pictured:

Assorted small (2.5-3 oz) soaps.............$3.00

Assorted medium (3-4 oz) soaps............$4.00

Nekkid - No fragrance or coloring.........$7.00

Soap Saver kits with 4 oz of soap

and 100% cotton knit bag....................$9.00


 - Happy Hippie - Essential oil lavender in a stunning stripy pattern.

Pink Sugar - Smells like summer, carnival, being young again.

Love Spell - Classy, floral and a hint of citrus. Perfect Valentine's gift.

Eucalyptus Aloe - A hint of rosemary, soft colors, and this feels so good on your skin.