Spring 2020 Kidding Schedule

All goats are social creatures! None of our kids will be sold as singles unless you already have other goats. Even then, they will need a month of quarantine before being added to your herd, so you will have one very sad, lonely and VOCAL kid on your hands with just one! We've done it... it is heart-breaking and challenging to take just one. Plus, you WILL be spending a great deal of time with the lonely animal, because their plaintiff cry will otherwise break your heart.
Doelings start at $400; Bucks $350 and Wethers $150

All of our Nigerian dwarf goat babies go home with:
ADGA and/or AGS Registerable (unless otherwise specified)
With all their age appropriate shots
All deposits are fully refundable 
In addition all doelings purchased come with a free breeding from us upon maturity (if we have an appropriate male).
Please call to set up appointment to come meet our new additions or with any question you may have. 
Johnnes, CAE and CL free for 2019.
If you would like to buy a kid, please read the questionnaire below and email your responses to Liz.

Check out the lovely breedings we have arranged. The kids will be socialized while they are dam-raised, so they are very healthy and super sweet.

We have adults for sale! Several of the does will be available once their kids are weaned. They can be kept in milk if you would like them to come to your farm already in milk. Check out the doe page for more information on Coco, Roslin, Noelle, Bridget and our wether Capucchino.

Thanks to Greg Bernard for his wonderful photographs! Check out GMB Exposures nature photos on Instagram.

Moe (polled and blue-eyed) and Curley
Han and Leia
Han and Leia, polled mini-saanens
Cookie and Cupcake , Polled doelings
Calamity Jane, being retained doeling

My gorgeous Noelle in a striking portrait.

Fiasco (Caprica/Apollo) is available

as a buckling or wether.

Han (Noelle/Husker) is a polled mini-Saanen. He can go as a buckling or a wether. He is such a good looking boy!

If you are interested in purchasing a kid or putting down a deposit for a particular breeding, please address the questions below and submit your responses.