The End is Now

So this is the last week we are going to be open this year. It's been a successful year in many respects here at Shiloh Run Farm and we truly do appreciate many of your kind words regarding the quality and taste of our vegetables. I can honestly tell you, that we put a huge effort in providing you the best tasting organic vegetables each week. Although we are closing this week, Saturday being the last day, if any of you loyal customers need something during the month of October, we should be able to help you out. We should have a good supply of tomatoes, peppers, winter squash, arugula, garlic and onions. Perhaps if you send us an email, you can pick up on Saturdays. Otherwise, I do want

This Week's Blog

As you can tell from the above wordsmithing, coming up with engaging titles is not my strong suit. I'm going to be busy today, so I thought I would be brief and get this entry out early. This week, green beans and a new crop of picklers have returned to the harvest. Arugula is doing well and radishes are hopefully available later this week. Here's the list: Arugula Green Beans Eggplant Pickler cucumbers Green Bell peppers Red Bell peppers Lunch Box peppers Basil Swiss Chard Kale Garlic Slicing and Heirloom tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes Spaghetti Squash Onions Butternut Squash Acorn Squash Honey Carolina Reaper Sauce Maple Syrup Jalapeno and other hot peppers. Ask if interested. We're keeping th

Something new, some new again.

What's new this week, is acorn squash. This variety (Taybelle) is a large size (2-2.5 pounds) robust flavor winter squash. As you know, acorn and butternut squash keep well in a cool dark dry area. They can store for a couple of months under the right conditions, so you might want to stock up on these before we close for the year. We also have a new crop of arugula coming in and hopefully by the end of the week, green beans and a new batch of picklers. Check the order form to see them listed. Other than that, just about everything else is available from last week. Including: Arugula Corn (while it lasts) Eggplant Pickler cucumbers Green Bell peppers Red Bell peppers Lunch Box peppers Bas

Winter Squash has Arrived

111 JWS 6823 PMR doesn't flow off the tongue, but it is the variety of butternut squash that we are growing this year. They are smaller than your typical butternut, but they pack a great flavor. They average around a pound each, so they are not large, but their size makes them easy to cook with. Today was the first time we tried them and everyone loved them. We roasted ours today, but I'm sure most of you know how versatile these squash can be. If you use the online order form this week, it will be evolving. Some of the vegetables are between crops, while other new ones will be added. This week you can order: Arugula Eggplant Pickler cucumbers Slicing cucumbers Green Bell peppers Red Bel