As we approach September, we start focusing on fall crops. We will have some crops all the way to the end, others will start to fade, some new crops come into play and some old friends will be making their return. I told you last week when I focused on corn, that onions will be available too. Although I didn't make a big fuss about them, everyone seemed anxious to get them. A note about onions: Like garlic, they need to cure properly in order to keep for long periods of time. If you used them, you might have noticed that the outside skin isn't yet firm. Over time, they will begin to harden up on the outside. Also we do grow white, red and yellow onions. Right now, we only harvested the

Adding Corn to the Mix

After coming to an agreement with the wildlife, the corn is starting to come in. As with other vegetables I grow, I do have opinions on corn. I've been growing sweet corn for over 30 years. Up until 3 years ago, I grew the same variety of corn, simply because nothing could beat the flavor. But three years ago, after several taste tests, I found a new favorite. Sadly the name isn't that catchy since Johnny's Seeds still hasn't changed the names that it originally gave new varieties. It's affectionately called SS3778R. This variety is an sh2, or a supersweet. If you decide to order some, please follow these directions if you've never had a supersweet. I recommend steaming this corn for

Prime Time Vegetables

As we approach the middle of August, the fields are ripe with plenty of goodness. We now are packing the pints and quarts of cherry tomatoes with 5 to 6 varieties including, Sungold, Black Cherry, Valentine, Pink Tiger, Chocolate Pear and Rainbow. Different varieties of large tomatoes are coming in as well. Were are currently harvesting Brandywine, Marianna's Peace, Coração de boi, Carbon, Big Beef and Damsels. They all have their strengths and if you want to know specifics as to what to use with your favorite dish, don't hesitate to let me know. The peppers are doing great as well, we have both the green and red bells coming in strong. The small super sweet peppers, Lunch Box (see photo

Eggplant and Red Peppers and..

August has arrived and with it some new crops are coming in. We do have this violet color eggplant called Dancer. It tastes as good as it looks. These have a mild taste and people last year were very happy with this selection. The red bell peppers are starting to come in strong as well. Also, we have lunchbox peppers and spaghetti squash just starting to come in. I will mention them in more detail next week, but lunchbox peppers are colorful ultra-sweet miniature peppers that I will sell in pint size and quart size containers. I'm waiting for the corn to mature, but some raccoons decided to get an early sneak peak and destroyed some of the first batch. Hopefully I will have better news