Getting To Know Your Vegetables

Before we get into a tomato discussion, let me briefly tell you that the eggplant is ready to be harvested. I'll highlight these next week, but I will tell you that these beauties are around 2 pounds and have a very pretty purple color. Since many of you love tomatoes and they will be around for the next couple of months, I would like for you to take a quick tour of what we grow. Please assume that all of these tomatoes have great flavor. Each variety adds a little something different. Some people look for just sweetness, others look for tartness, others look for balance and others long for that "classic tomato taste", which is now absent in store bought tomatoes. So here's the run down

The Tomato Manifesto

So this is the time that I've been looking forward to all year. Tomato Season is here. I am a vegetable snob for sure, but my snobbery for tomatoes is admittedly over the top. You can ask anyone who knows me; I won't eat a store bought tomato, I bring my own tomatoes when I go to a restaurant, and I will only grow tomatoes that have passed a stringent vetting process. The good news for you is that I won't sell any tomatoes that I wouldn't eat myself. As a farmer and an educator, I enjoy teaching people about the joys of tomato eating. Like wine, I believe there are certain varieties of tomatoes that fit certain foods better. But before I get into this, let me talk about the tomato pricing at

Garlic Season Has Arrived

The middle of July usually signifies the official beginning of garlic season. This weekend we harvested our garlic crop and I know you'll love what we have. We grow German Music garlic which is known for its robust, strong and rich taste. We will be selling it this week, but it is now in the curing process. What this means is that if you purchase it this week, you must use it this week. The curing hardens the head so that it keeps for months. But if you buy a head this week, plan on using it during the week. To be safe, you can keep the unused uncured garlic in the fridge. Also the cherry tomatoes are starting to come in. We won't have a lot this week, but once they do start coming i

Cucumber Season is Here

Cucumber season is here in earnest. We have two varieties of these cucumbers based on your needs. With all our vegetables, taste is the first consideration in choosing a particular variety. For those who haven't eaten a fresh organic cucumber, you're in for a treat. There's an explosion of taste that you simply can't taste in any other setting. Our Citadel cucumber is a pickler, meaning it is smaller and can be used in pickling or in salads. The Bristol cucumber, is a long slicer, meaning its main use is in salads. Of course cucumbers come to life with dill. We have experimented and are very happy with our Teddy dill. This is a more bushier variety that I know you'll love. Also we are s