First Week of July Bounty

With the fourth of July holiday approaching, I wanted to quickly update you on what's available on the farm this week. First of all we will be open for Online Ordering this Tuesday through Saturday, although we will be closed on July 4th. The farm stand itself will be open Friday 3:00 to 6:00 and Saturday 12:00 to 3:00. This week we will be harvesting the following: Dill Picklers - limited Slicing Cucumber- limited Green Beans Snow Peas Snap Peas Scapes Baby Leaf lettuce Kale Swiss chard Oregano Zucchini Yellow summer squash Radishes Napa Cabbage Beets Look forward to seeing you this week, Mark

Schedule Change For This Week

A quick note to mention, due to some much-needed down time, we will not be open for drive up or online ordering Thursday to Saturday. We will be opening Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Since many of you usually pickup or drive up later in the week, please adjust your plans accordingly. Along with everything from last week, we do have a limited amount of long slicers and pickler cucumbers this week on a first come first serve basis. This usually means the people who order online have the best chance of getting these incredibly tasting cukes. Sorry for the schedule change, but trust me, it’s necessary. Mark

New Arrivals for the Week

As we work our way through June, thanks to our high tunnel, we start getting into the mid-summer vegetables. New additions to this week include: green beans and broccoli. A little info on our green beans: This variety is called Maxibel. They are a French style, meaning they are long and slender. These beans are about 7 inches long and very tender. Also if you are not used to fresh organic, a bite into these vegetables burst with a flavor that you never knew existed. In fact, many of our new customers are shocked on how different our vegetables taste. Truth be told, there are three main reasons for this taste: 1. We select the seed, not based on production, but rather taste. 2. We har

In with the new, out with the old

As we transition to the middle of June, some of the early spring veggies are finishing up, but new ones are coming in strong. We picked the last of the spinach and arugula and as always, it will be available today until we sell out. New arrivals this week will be a fan favorite from the last few years: scapes. For those who don't know, scapes are the center flowering stem from garlic. We harvest scapes before they flower and package them as a small bunch. Scapes taste like a mild garlic and they are great in any dish that you would normally use garlic cloves. The list of items this week include: Butterhead Red romaine Bibb Baby Leaf lettuce Arugula (limited) Kale Swiss chard Oregano Snow

Welcome to June

We've been getting a lot of positive feedback from our CSA Farm Stand. People have been taking advantage of ordering what they want online, some are using PayPal and a number of you take your chances to see what's available when you arrive. As a reminder you can order at or text at 860-987-2750 And use PayPal for payment. Two new crops that we will be harvesting this week will be Napa (Chinese) cabbage and both snap peas and snow peas. Napa cabbage is a tender mellow cabbage that is good in stir fry, sautéed or raw. From now to Saturday we'll have a small amount and it will be first come first serve, but as next week progresses,