Adding Cherry Tomatoes

This will be a quick message. I've added raccoons to my nemesis list for the year. They're doing a number on my sweet corn and they've outwitted me quite effectively so far. On to happier topics: As that battle continues, we are adding two new cherry tomatoes and one new heirloom. Your cherry tomato containers will be seeing Chocolate Pear and Eggyolk tomatoes. The names speak for themselves. You will also be seeing an heirloom tomato called Carbon. It is a dark red-brown tomato with a distinctive flavor. This week, besides the tomatoes, you'll be having yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, Swiss chard, kale, corn, bell peppers, chili peppers, eggplant, onions, basil and garlic. Tomorr

Heirloom Tomatoes

This week will feature a similar basket to last week's: a different type of eggplant and your last cabbage, but all else will be the same. The insane amount of summer squash and cucumbers is subsiding, but that is to be expected as we head into September. The high humidity and the daily rain have made organic gardening very difficult lately. This type of weather is perfect for insects, mildew and fungus. You spray with an organic spray, it rains, you respray and the cycle continues. I'm stating this, not to complain, but to warn you about the corn. The corn ear worm moth is an ugly satanic creature that will hatch its offspring in the silk. These critters like to work their way down to

Fall Is Approaching

No matter how hard I try, I can't run away from Autumn. I see it first in the fields, as certain crops tell me of the impending doom. The arrival of corn is the first sign, followed by the harvesting of the onions and lastly the ripening of the melons. This week you will get your first taste of the onion crop. I harvested the first batch last week. Although they are currently drying, they're not quite hardened. What that means for you is that I recommend that you use the onions within the week period. After this week, the onions will have hardened enough for you to keep them in your pantry for a longer period of time. Also this week, you will receive a cantaloupe. You'll find these bea

One word...Corn

The same love I have for tomatoes I have for corn. And for this, I've violated several unspoken CSA rules. For time and land space, heirloom tomatoes and corn are often not part of a CSA share. Having said that, my passion for these items necessitates me growing them for you. As you have seen all year, the quantity of a new vegetable starts off on the slow side then gets ramped up when the crop comes in full tilt. So, how many ears are ready will dictate the amount in your share. I've grown corn for many many years and I've participated in many corn tastings. For the first time in years, last year I changed my corn type to a new variety. I wish the name were more pleasant sounding, but