Tomatoes, Glorious Tomatoes!

We are getting to the point of the year that is simply glorious. Tomato season is upon us! Last week you had a taste of cherry tomatoes. I hope you liked them, since you should be getting those in your basket until year's end. This week you are also receiving the regular sized tomatoes. Make no mistake about this: These tomatoes are anything but regular. I've been growing tomatoes for decades and I believe I developed a discerning palette for them. I will not buy tomatoes from a grocery store, for I see no point in eating those moist pieces of cardboard. In fact through the years, I developed a list of tomatoes that I will always grow, while also trying a few new varieties. Before I d

Tomatoes and Eggplant!

It is with great pride I introduce to you the new set of cherry tomatoes for 2018. This week you will be receiving three varieties of cherry/grape tomatoes. I have an unabashed love for tomatoes and I would never grow a tomato that I am not proud of. I think you'll truly enjoy this year's crop. Let me briefly review the three tomatoes you will be receiving: Valentine - Hybrid red grape tomato. This is a new variety that Johnny Seeds introduced this year. It was developed in collaboration with Dr. Majid Foolad of Penn State University. Valentine marries the best of wild-type tomato genetics with flavorful high-performing strains. A couple that didn't make it into the basket were enjoye

Battling the Elements

I was reading some of my older posts and noticed that we were very wet this time last year and the insects were an issue. This year has been unseasonably dry. It seems like every storm that approaches the farm either dissipates before its arrival or splits up right overhead. Fortunately we setup drip irrigation for most of the crops, but nothing beats a nice soaking rain. This week we will adding bell peppers to your share. The variety of bell peppers we grow are called Ace. Like most bell peppers, they turn from green to red as the season progresses. So for the next few weeks, you will be getting green bell peppers along with a hot pepper. With the peppers, you'll be receiving pickling

Something New

As we plow into July, we have some new things coming your way. This week we will be adding some baby Napoli carrots and Hungarian Wax peppers. We hope you will enjoy the sweetness of the baby carrots. Although you'll be given only a pepper or two, we think you'll enjoy the little heat they have. The cucumbers are starting to increase in numbers and I hope you put them to good use. When we are not just eating them with salt, we would recommend cucumber salad. With the dill you'll be receiving, it is perfect with a little cider vinegar, salt and pepper. If you get a little adventurous, you could make a nice Korean cucumber salad. Besides the above vegetables, you'll be getting snap and s

Happy July

As the heat reaches triple digits, the spring crops fade into oblivion. The summer crop is starting to take hold and it looks to be a strong one. The beans are coming in hot and heavy now, so you'll be getting a significant amount of these for the next few weeks. The two varieties you'll be receiving are the Maxibel (the long slender French style bean) and Goldilocks (standard yellow bean). If you have a discriminating pallet, you can taste the difference between the two, but for most people, the texture is what separates them. The cucumbers are also starting to come in. We grow both the long traditional cucumber and the short pickling cucumber. Although I like the taste of the picklers m