A Crash Course on Tomatoes

I really enjoy just about every vegetable, but if I do play favorites, it's with tomatoes. The tomato crop is just beginning to ripen and I would like to go over some info that will make your tomato eating experience even more pleasurable. When you get your tomatoes, do not under any circumstances, put them in the refrigerator. If you've always stored them in the fridge and never noticed a problem, it's probably because if they came from a store and they tasted like cardboard, so it didn't matter what you do with them, for the taste didn't change. The taste from fresh tomatoes from the field suffers greatly under refrigeration. You may find their texture gets a little mealy as well. The b

Fighting Mother Nature

In farming, there's no such thing as perfect conditions. It can be too warm, too cold, too dry, too wet. Each condition brings its pros and cons. This year it is too wet. It's great for most crop growth, but insects and fungus love this as well. We have been fighting, tooth and nail trying to beat the insects. When you grow organic, the fight is even tougher. There are some insecticides that would easily wipe out the insect problem and you would be done with that until you spray again. The problem with insecticides, as you know, is that they will kill beneficial insects too. Also, it is difficult if not impossible to fully remove insecticides off of the vegetables and you end up in

Dodging Raindrops

Sorry for the late blogpost, but things are a bit hectic here at the farm this week. Here's what to expect in your share this week: yellow squash zucchini pickling cucumbers standard cucumbers green beans (two varieties) beets head lettuce leaf lettuce cabbage beets kale broccoli a few sprigs of dill - to complement the cucumbers As always, we have honey, several varieties of goat cheese and eggs available upon request. At any time if you would like extra vegetables - for example more cucumbers for pickling, ask in advance. Let me know if you need to come earlier today for your pickup, otherwise we will see you from 3:30 to 6:30 today.

An Embarrassment of Riches

As we head into the heart of the season, you will getting a very diverse crop of vegetables that will be the envy of any Fourth of July Party you are hosting. This week your share includes; broccoli, cauliflower (Full share only), head lettuce, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers (picklers - which in my opinion, have more flavor than the traditional cucumbers), kale, beets, green beans (two styles), snow peas and snap peas (Full share only). At the time of the writing, I have everything harvested and processed for you. I know some of you have plans for the day, so if anyone needs to get their share early, I'm available earlier in the day. If you do intend to come earlier than the traditiona